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Post  potheadpewe on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:02 am

Hi I am Angelus, I am the Forum/Website Master this does not give me admin status it gives me Developer Status...I am also in charge of Armor and putting it in the client, this means all of the custom gear that you have on yeah that was put in by me. I am in charge of the website which is that is our website there i will post a drop list once we compile it, there you can also see the custom armor that is in the client (not neccisarily in game yet) I also do the updater so please dont flame the forums with useless stuff okay i need to sort through all the problems in the client and fix them asap so that we are all satisfied with the game as it is. I also do the website so i will post and update topic under the forum Updater telling you exactly what i did and put in game so you dont annoy the staff with "Whats new" if you ask the staff they will tell you go to the forums and find out. I also do this forum, I dont really care what you post as long as its not porn, racist, or flaming about a single guild/person. Now i would like to say this one last time I AM NOT ADMIN but when the work is done i shall see you all ingame, or when im testing patches. I will say hi to anyone i see but i will NOT give items, or level anyone in the short amount of time i am on, I like Shaiya i am working on getting a license for us and also i am over my head with college stuff too, so please if i say something retarted against anyone its just me blowing off steam and yes i do pvp, you will know me in pvp as the guy you dont want to solo, i play defender with amazing str so yeah if you see me or recognise the name im on you might want to run... i have not yet met anyone who can 1v1 me.

Thanks for your time,



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