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Post  potheadpewe on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:33 am

Okay guys im a little bit bored with making armor so i want to know how artistic you guys are, this is a forum event so if you win i will make you a forum rank that no one else has. Razz

Here it is:

I want to see the best non-motion signature you can make.

Images must be 500 x 150 Pixles big. they must be made by you...i dont want to google and see the one you "made" there it just isnt cool.

Images must state either your forum name or your in-game name. This means no personal information!

Images must not move around...some people think that moving pictures are better then stationary. They must have something connected to this game. Game not this server if you dont want.

Must be colorful and unique. This does NOT mean that you have nudity on it or that you have cursing on it. There are kids that play this game even though its for 18+

Must be Uploaded to photobucket.com. I dont like Image Shack how you have to go through adds to get the image to the right size.

Must be posted in this topic! I dont want to go all over the forum hunting down a random Signature.

Other than that have fun be creative and just make sure its clean and cool.


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